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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Output, Scan and Print Management Software with Secure Pull Printing

Healthcare Solutions

LRS Healthcare and EMR Printing software provides fast, reliable delivery of patient records and other healthcare documents improving patient outcomes and saving hospitals money. LRS software handles secure, tamper resistant printing while aiding downtime reporting, affiliate printing, and HIPAA compliance efforts.

Workplace Printing

LRS Output and Print Management software eliminates document complexity and provides a single, powerful enterprise print management solution for managing both desktop printing and application-generated output. Printing is no longer simple - but Workplace Printing software from LRS can make it simple.

Pull Printing
and Print Security

Pull Printing software from LRS protects sensitive documents by preventing delivery to printers and other destinations until the intended recipient authenticates their identity at the actual output device.

Digital Workplace &
Cloud Hosted Solutions

LRS Print and Output Management Solutions help transform large enterprises to meet future office requirements. LRS software can be hosted in the cloud, as well as on premise. We offer a wide range of solutions to accommodate the digital workplace and increase end user mobility and convenience.


LRS Cloud Print

LRS CloudPrint, the SaaS Print Management service from LRS Output Management.  LRS CloudPrint is a secure, easy-to-implement cloud printing solution that allows you to eliminate print servers and free up your IT department.


New ISO 27001 Certification for LRS Managed Services

ISO 27001 Certification: The Seal of Approval

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The Serenity Prayer

The courage to change the things you can.

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Throwback Thursday: Internet Printing, 90s Style…

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

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A New Hope

The New Not-So-Normal

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